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Random Musings : Today in sports history

1900 - James J. Jeffries KO's James Corbett in the 23rd round for the Heavyweight Boxing Title.

1919 - Cincinnati Reds Hod Eller throws his 1st no hitter, against the St. Louis Cards.

1946 _ Boston Braves hosted it's first night game, losing to the Giants 5-1.

1959 - Yogi Berra of the New York Yankees ended his streak of 148 errorless games.

1977 - Ted Turner managed an Atlanta Braves game.

1985 - In a soccer match in Bradford England, 56 people died when a fire engulfed the main grandstand.

1963 - Sonny Liston KO's Floyd Patterson in the 1st round for the Heavyweight Boxing Title.

1963 - Sandy Koufax of the LA Dodgers throws his 2nd no hitter, this one against the New York Giants, 8-0.

1990 - The New York Yankees trade Dave Winfield to the Angels for Mike Witt.

1996 - Al Leiter threw the first no-hitter in the Florida Marlins history.

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Posted on: April 28, 2010 1:35 pm

Random Musings : The Mets are now winning ?

The Mets swept a doubleheader from the grasp of the Dodgers.  First time in over three decades.  What in the world came over these players from New York these past games ?  Starting out the year looking very much like the over the hill gang they were perpetuated to be this season, they've found pitching from the Holy Grail of baseball Gods.  Sporting a tidy ERA from their starters just over 3.10, they have personally derailed some of my fantasy baseball hitters recently.  Shame on these Mets.........

Will it last ?  Who can predict the future, certainly not I.  But for the fans of the other team in the Big Apple, enjoy the ride.....

As for my Royals, Zach Greinke has zero wins.  As in nada.  As in 0.  O for the wish of a competent bullpen.........
Posted on: February 20, 2010 9:43 pm

random musings.......Some MLB Walk-Year Players

The $$ is ever present in the minds of Walk-Year players,  And there's nothing wrong with that.  Just as in other sports, an individual has the right for the pursuit of happiness.  Can't, and won't, be able to play forever.   So while team loyalty always sounds fine and dandy in the appropriate press releases and media outlets, a fan never knows until the signature is on the dotted line......

Jason Werth: top notch 2009 season, 159 games, but will he stay healthy?  First time in last six years he didn't find himself on the DL.

Carl Crawford: If you follow baseball, there's no need to highlight his 2009 season.  Somehow I feel he's going to take alot of $$ where ever he ends up.  And will the Rays pony up with a fat contract extension?

Josh Beckett: Very reliable in recent years, a break from his early career.  The Red Sox have made no attempt to hide their interest in an extension.

Derrek Lee: In 2005 Derrek nailed the 30 HR plateau, and finally again in 2009.  Couple that with his 111 RBI, and he had a right fine season.  Question is, was this a one year spike in production?

Derek Jeter: Many years ago I was 37 years old.  And I am still amazed at what Derek can do at this age.  It would seem that the Yankees would, and will, sign Mr Jeter to a very fat extension before he tests the waters of the AL and NL.  His offensive production offsets his defensive woes.  From a fantasy standpoint, what position will he end up playing?

And there are others who will test the free agency market, but I'm going to enjoy observing the bidding wars and season as this plays out.

be safe.  enjoy life.

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