Posted on: June 10, 2010 3:21 pm

USC, was the cheating worth it........?

" Lack of institutional control, impermissible inducements,  extra benefits, exceeding coach staff limits, and unethical conduct by an assistant football coach "

The violations, which span almost four years, primarily involved "agent and amateurism issues for a former football student-athlete and a former men's basketball studen-athlete," the NCAA wrote in its report.  Reggie Bush and his family took improper benefits.  A tennis player used an athletics long distance access to make 123 phone calls, valued at over $7000.00.  O.J. Mayo and Tim Floyd contributed to the basketball fiasco........

Scholarship reductions in football and basketball, two year ban on postseason football, cash penalties, forfeiture of over $200,000.00 in postseason winnings, vacating of regular and postseason wins..........

The question for USC fans is:

Was it worth it ? 

And now, Lane Kiffen is faced with this.........couldn't have happened to a nicer coach.
Posted on: January 15, 2010 9:16 pm

Is Vol's AD destroying the UT football progam ?

It is perplexing to observe how Mike Hamilton has deflected the media, and loyal fan, firestorm away from him like a non-stick skillet bought on isle 11 during a blue light special.

Mike Hamilton negotiated a deal with Lane Kiffen that, in the corporate business world I was part of many years ago when younger, would have Mike looking for another site of employment.  No need for an exit interview by a subordinate staffer.  No questions asked.  Security escort to the door, with personal belonging being carried inspected.  Oh, and don't bother using us as a reference.  Ever.  In fact, you can expect an unnamed source to leak details of your poor judgement and negotiating skills.

Lane's buyout is, was, to the tune of $ 800,000. 

Lane's contract payout in the unfortuanate situation of being fired, or as some say, relieved of duties, was, is, to the tune of $ 7,500,000.

From a simplistic business analysis, the checks and balances were, are, seriously flawed.

Lane's assistant coaches are, were, signed to multiyear agreements.   Any wonder on the hesitation of coaches approached ?  You're relegated to using coaches you don't know.  Probably don't want.  And who knows if the assistant coaches care any more.  And what of the emotional baggage these assistant coaches present to current players and those recruited by Lane's staff ? 

Mike Hamilton has napalmed the Vols football program
Posted on: July 27, 2009 12:42 am

College Football Rule Change.....Punters beware

Last year we saw the punters in college football moving about, kicking rugby style.  This year a rule change in college football will come into play that will make this a little more interesting for the defense. 

Now, if a college punter moves outside the "tackle box" and punts the football, he's fair game if hit  No roughing the punter.  No penalty flag.  And while this rule change probably won't affect special teams who can get the punt off, the days of scrambling around have just got more interesting.

Of interest is that Justin Tucker, one of the punters for Texas who also handles kickoff duties, now punts rugby style with either foot.  While that doesn't sound like a big deal, last year he pinned other teams deep numerous times.  At my age, I sometimes wonder which shoe goes on which foot. 
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