Posted on: May 5, 2009 12:30 am

Love him. Or hate him. Farve to the Vikings ?

It's been well read that some of you love Brett Farve.  And some of you will even admit it in public nowdays.  Others have this gut wrenching reaction when he comes up in a discussion. Or a post.  Either way, it's safe to say your emotions are on one far swinging side of the pendulm or the other.  But, and please don't hold this against me personally, I would say Brett will be back in the NFL this year.  Like it. Hate it.  Either way, the media will have a frenzy it seems.

If you're a Vikings fan, would you be happy ?  Or, gosh forbid, very unhappy.  PO'd even ?  We don't know what we don't know.  Whomever is behind the center will have some weapons to throw to.  After the obligatory handoffs to you know who.  

The NFC would be a totally different division competition, and league competition than his previous comeback trail.  Bears, Packers, and the Lions for a chance to attend the playoffs.

Any thoughts ?

Posted on: February 13, 2009 7:21 pm

Limited # of AS and SS ratings avail, as per cbs.

Ok. So now we have been informed by the GolfGuy that only a limited number of Superstar ratings are avail. throughout the cbs site.  Never mind that the site adds new members on a daily basis.  And yes, probably loses some, but they stick around forever it seems, just check your profile.  And we were also informed today by GolfGuy that the decrease in everyones level of ratings, re: 99 to a 96, 98 to a 96, 97 to a 92, etc., is because... and get this:

Guys, As baseball starts back up this week with spring training, different patterns have emerged. Many dormant Community baseball users have started posting again and have bounced back to their previous high standing in the Community. Remember, your overall reputation score is based on all of the Community members. There are only a certain number of Superstars, All-stars, etc ... That is the reason some of you have experienced a slight drop in your reputation over the last week or so. I would expect a little more ‘reputation’ reshuffling as the baseball season gets into full swing. Thanks, Golf Guy which seems to not follow the official cbs policies of :

Things that will hurt your reputation:

  • Infrequent visits to the site
  • Infrequent submissions to the message boards
  • Rating content in a haphazard or contrary manner
  • Not participating in other community activities such as gaming, fantasy and contests
  • Using offensive language when interacting with the CBSSports.com community

IGetNoRespect, You are right in a way. Members are competing for a limited number of spots for each reputation level. Our current system will not allow all 400,000 Community members to become a Superstar even if every member posts 1,000 things per day. Golf GuySome comments from those affected were:

40 Below:     Right but why should some MLB poster get their status right back if the rest of us are active community members? That makes no sense. And why can't everyone be superstar if others consider their posts to be good enough and they are active in the CBS community? Why are we automatically prejudicing people to be stuck at rookie, pro, or all-star - that hardly seems fair or gives an equal voice to everyone -

IGetNoRespect:   I didn't know it is the job of a Community's members to compete against each other. Isn't it the job of members of a community to interact with each, enjoy each other's company, bust each other's chops now and then, and maybe try to learn something once in a while that you didn't know before? Right now, this place is like watching a train wreck. You want to walk away, but you just can't take your eyes off it. Please, Golf Guy, Cole, Blackbird, Admins, help us out. Inform us as to what is going on in more substantive ways than has been done already. We're big enough to take it. It feels like certain things have been done to weed out or isolate some "undesirables," but a lot of others are now caught in the net and not enjoying it very much.SF S 78:     Yeah, I went from a 98 to 95 overnight. Bogus!STARIS1:     went from a 96 to a 92 over night, no warnings or reason.jabronski5375:     Ever since the changes my rating has been stagnent now it just took a six point drop. Can someone please tell me what the deal is. Or better yet make a better set of guidelines so that everyone knows what to do.Carboh:     I agree! To make up a 4point drop because of returning, taking time off posters is a penalty on alot of us!If you need a guiding light, follow the torch of FlyFlyersFly:   Umm, you guys are going to fix this right? There is no way you can possibly place a limit on the number of Superstar members, when you are using a scoring system that bases you on how many teams and players you can rattle off. 40 Below is absolutely right, every change to this site you've guys made has been for the worse. And yeah, why aren't fantasy sports included in the scores anymore? Many of the posters here put a lot of time into their fantasy teams, why shouldn't it give you some reputation points? You guys should really pay attention to what the community members are saying here. Your system punishes people who sometimes post about thing other than sports, and just want to BS with other posters who have become pretty good online friends after being here for so long. Yet it rewards someone for adding all 30 or 32 teams and 20 players to the bottom of their post. Someone posted a picture made out of dashes and dots and it recieved a score of nearly -15000 and that dropped the entire thread score, so the thread dropped to the 3rd page, when pretty much every other post was relevent to the NHL and had good scores. Doesn't this sound like a messed up system? How can you guys actually think this scoring system is going to work for the members of the community?Obviously I feel the current system is mired in a quagmire of Keystone  Cop Business Manual Techniques.  What's your take?  Have you been affected?  Lost the right to change your av?  Can you still glog?  Or maybe you weren't affected.  I'll enjoy hearing from you.

Be safe. Enjoy.  And may the darkhorse come riding a carrying my Royals.....and may by Chiefs find the guiding light......

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