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USC, was the cheating worth it........?

Posted on: June 10, 2010 3:21 pm
" Lack of institutional control, impermissible inducements,  extra benefits, exceeding coach staff limits, and unethical conduct by an assistant football coach "

The violations, which span almost four years, primarily involved "agent and amateurism issues for a former football student-athlete and a former men's basketball studen-athlete," the NCAA wrote in its report.  Reggie Bush and his family took improper benefits.  A tennis player used an athletics long distance access to make 123 phone calls, valued at over $7000.00.  O.J. Mayo and Tim Floyd contributed to the basketball fiasco........

Scholarship reductions in football and basketball, two year ban on postseason football, cash penalties, forfeiture of over $200,000.00 in postseason winnings, vacating of regular and postseason wins..........

The question for USC fans is:

Was it worth it ? 

And now, Lane Kiffen is faced with this.........couldn't have happened to a nicer coach.

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Posted on: May 28, 2011 1:41 pm

USC, was the cheating worth it........?

USC will be fine for 2 or 3 yeas before the lack of schollies starts to hurt depth and numbers! it hurts me to say as a duck fan but they will bounce back they are still USC!

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Posted on: September 8, 2010 6:50 pm

USC, was the cheating worth it........?

not to knock what you are saying. i think we are on the same page, but i would not agree with USC cheating. USC did not cheat. Anyone who says that refuses to look at the facts. All of this is someone giving money for Reggie to leave USC. USC gained nothing out of this. What? They cheated themselves out of a player? It makes no sense. I am still waiting for someone to prove me wrong... 

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Posted on: September 8, 2010 9:13 am

USC, was the cheating worth it........?

''span of 4 years''

Hmmm.  John Wooden made his mark in basketball by cheating like heck. And other schools in the Pac 10 have succeeded over the years by using the same tactics in order to attract the higher quality players in their sports. Yet, over the years, the NCAA has looked the other way and pampered the schools in this conference while it has rigidly enforced the rules on schools from other conferences.

Was it worth it?  No.  It was not worth it for USC to cheat.  But then, they were expecting to get away with these violations since they had been pampered for so long.I blame the NCAA for its past failure to enforce the rules on a uniform basis. This led to an expectation that the school could get away with these violations. 

I hope that in the future, the NCAA will apply the same rules across the board. Let it be a level playing field for all  schools in all conferences. No more favoritism to Pac 10 schools. 

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Posted on: September 6, 2010 4:06 pm

USC, was the cheating worth it........?

I laugh any time I think of the "crimes" committed and the penalties handed down for SC especially but any big time school in general.$7000 worth of phone calls, say what?  Get Skype.  I live in Nicaragua on the Pacific Ocean with a small hotel see:    and have 70% international guests who make calls from Argentina to Moscow and I haven't spent $7000 in phone bills in 5 years I've been here.  So that is one embellished statement (big dollars for 123 calls) to make it seem like a big deal.  Big deal my ***, people talk on telephones, especially hormone sparked teenagers and possibly also away from home.  Here, use my phone, it's .02 a minute or free in the US, Canada, Europe, etc.(NCAA violation!)  Tell me ONE person who pays that kind of money anymore on telephone calls?  BIG TIME cheaters, cancel NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS for phone calls, death sentence for talking on phones.  It doesn't cost that much to talk to the Space Shuttle.This is a BILLION dollar INDUSTRY not amateur golf and you call your own penalties.  How many kids get a free snow cone for a home run or pitch a good game? 
 Who doesn't get an allowance commiserate upon what "chores" or "needs" you have or do?  Older gets more because he/she does more.  EVEN "Vandy", Northwestern, Stanford, Yale or Podunk JC Iowa has the human negative attributes of entitlement and "get something for nothing" attitude because of "who I am".  The best looking girl pays less for her meals during her college years than the not so good looking ones.  Less on A LOT of things, why?  She has something that others want and are willing to pay for it!
College major sporting programs can spend millions on the best "facilities" to bait the recruits, the "super dorms", the "all you can eat" buffets with "all" the trimmings times ten, etc.  Coaching staffs making MILLIONS, Athletic Dept budgets reaching 9 figures!Was cheating worth it?  Getting caught, yes, think we are cheaters and won because of it? No!  Are we unique when it comes to cheating?  No!  "Those who live in glass houses...", "those who haven't sinned cast the 1st stone", etc.Prima donnas are on every college campus, they come to PLAY not to go to school (most do for fall back options).  Human nature makes the cream come to the top.  Chiefs wear feathers, generals wear medals and the better the chief or general the more objects of admiration and achievement  are
displayed, just like National Championship trophy's and Heismans, Outland, Thorpe, etc.

In REAL life and an "AMERICAN way of life is that if you achieve, you are rewarded, the greater the achievement the greater the reward. We go to school to learn HOW to make a living and the best one we can, normally.  Come on, DON"T go to USC to play tennis, it will COST you millions.  If we wanted to preserve amateur sports play inter-murals and have fun and go to school, or go to Div.II, III, IV, etc. where your skill level doesn't warrant T.V.'s billion dollar gladiator's bashing for billions.I'll get off my "HIGH HORSE" now if people would get real about "professional" sports in college.  It isn't "college" folks, it's the minor leagues and they are professionals and should be paid for it, the schools do as the owners of the "PRO" leagues do.  This isn't the spirit of the 1912 Olympics anymore is it?  Nobody has sex before marriage, no one drinks before 21 yrs. old, nobody drives before 16, everyone tells the truth, nobody but USC cheats.

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Posted on: September 5, 2010 2:40 pm

USC, was the cheating worth it........?

Ha Ha Ha I love karma. In Los Angeles (where high school ball is just as big as anywhere else) the word around the camp fire is that some investigators have been talking to x-coaches, coaches, new and old players, neighbors, friends, family, even the local sports writers anyone who happened to cross Powell and your 2 new coaches @ FL paths last year. But do not worry the kids say that it is not them you need to worry about. It is the one's who's path's were crossed in the process......    to be continued

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Posted on: September 1, 2010 8:13 am

USC, was the cheating worth it........?

USC, was the cheating worth it........?

Here............I'll fix it for ya.

Reggie, was the stealing worth it........?

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Posted on: August 31, 2010 6:04 pm

USC, was the cheating worth it........?

Reggie Bush and OJ Mayo cheated. This could happen at ANY University that has athletes who aspire to join the pro ranks. Florida could be next. Maybe you should ask Reggie Bush was it worth it. He's gone from legend to outcast . For me..watching Sc kick Notre Dames butt the last decade has been all I need.

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Posted on: August 31, 2010 3:39 pm

USC, was the cheating worth it........?

Gotta love it when a Gator fan opens his mouth about cheating and institutional misconduct. First, I highly doubt that the average USC fan on these boards had anything to do with any of this, so why ask if it was worth it? Did they have a say in what happened? So your thread instantly stinks of stupidity. Congratulations.

You should wait a few years and see what happens in Florida before you open your mouth. I have a feeling they might be joining USC very soon, along with just about every other SEC school, except Vandy of course.

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Posted on: August 26, 2010 9:51 pm

USC, was the cheating worth it........?

Sorry, I forgot to include O.J. Mayo ... so two people took money. While football player after football player at the school has never been involved in any kind of cheating.

But yes, the cheating was worth it. Does that make you feel better? Call Urban Meyer at the prison he's running and tell him that you've done your best to uphold the "Proud Gator tradition."

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Posted on: August 26, 2010 9:49 pm

USC, was the cheating worth it........?

I'm not sure ... because Reggie Bush taking money clearly reflects on USC fans as a whole. One person taking money brands everyone as cheaters. Of course, I expect such backward thinking from a person calling himself GatorDude.

Please take your sanctimonious attitude and go gaze at your wall of Tim Tebow posters and read from your Bible.

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